Explanation-based Learning Revisited

Explain why an error led to a failure

cup explanation

The agent created an explanation of a cup, but it was incorrect, how does it correct for what made the explanation incorrect?

Isolating Mistakes

How can the agent isolate the error in it's former model?

In order to attempt to correct, the agent can retry with just false suspicious features to see if that feature is a negative characteristic

Algo for isolating mistakes:

To find all suspicious true-success relations:
- Intersect all true success $\bigcap T$
- Union all false successes $\bigcup T$
- Remove assersions in union from intersection $\bigcap T - \bigcup F$

To find all suspicious false-success relations:
- Intersect all false success $\bigcap F$
- Union all true success $\bigcup T$
- Remove all assersions in union from intersection $\bigcap F - \bigcup T$

Explaining Mistakes

How can the agent explain the problem that led to the error?

"Why is the handle being fixed important to an item being a cup?"

Without explaining the mistakes, the agent can't truly learn and create optimal entries in the tree

Correcting Mistakes

How can the agent repair the model to prevent the error from recurring?