Concept Learning

Equivalent Classes

  • Index actions based on equivalence class, which severely limits the usable input percepts
  • Break up a large problem into a large number of smaller problems

Concept Hierarchy

Vertibrate -> Mammal -> Bird -> Eagle, Bluebird, Penguin -> Reptile

Axiomatic Concept

  • Most formal
  • Easiest to talk about and teach a computer
  • Concept defined by a formal set of necessary and sufficient conditions
    • definition of a circle, for example

Prototypical Concept

  • Mid formal
  • Base concept defined by a typical example with overridable properties
  • Well represented by frames

Exemplar Concept

  • Least formal
  • Concepts defined by implicit abstractions of instances, or exemplars of the concept
    • "This painting is beautiful", what is beauty